Oven Pride

In 1975 the first Oven Pride Unit was established at Green Ford where the idea of French and European techniques were followed to create some of the finest pastries, cakes, tarts and breads. All of the Oven Pride products are exclusive to our 7 outlets & branded patisserie chains at United Kingdom.

In 2007 Oven Pride launched its unit at Hotel Akbar's Kinara. Our aim is that the finest baking should be done using quality ingredients at their peak. Even the coffee is specifically chosen and roasted to compliment Oven Pride flavors and products.

Every product found in our Oven Pride, is made by our own Patisserie kitchen by qualified Pastry chefs. Haji Ismail has been a pastry chef for almost 20 years and every product has a signature touch that is only found in Oven Pride Outlet.

The main emphasis that you will find in our products is that fresh components are used in all our products. We use fresh eggs, hand cracked egg white and egg yolks, real butter and high quality fresh creams and milk. Every product you find has been individually weighed, mixed, pipe rolled and cooked under the watchful eye of Our Oven Pride specialists Chefs.

Le lapin blanc needs to be follow! Did you know this?